Is it spring yet?

Hello all,

I haven’t written in awhile for two…okay maybe three main reasons.

#1: I had the opportunity to travel for work from the end of December until just last week, training another employee in the company. It was a long time to be away from home (except for snatches over the weekends), but in the end enjoyable.

I was working in Ashland, Wisconsin. For those of you who have never heard of the city, it is highly industrial, but has a beautiful view of Lake Superior along much of State Hwy. 2 running through the city. It sports ancient buildings dating from the 1800s, cool town houses (decked out with wooden trim, lighthouse turrets and cozy looking porches) some standing tall and strong, some thinking about falling down, and a sprawling layout of shops, businesses, and even an old university.

#2: I hit a wall of cabin fever. Happens to most of us in the winter, and some years are worse for me than others. I was rather glad for the distraction of traveling for work to break up some of the monotony of winter, however, the gloomy feeling of cobwebs clouding my head does not help my writing mood.

#3: I watched “Star Wars the Last Jedi” and turned into a nerd. Yep, a full-blown nerd. As part of this winter, I’ve been binge watching my favorite action movies (all of the Star Wars one, lots of Marvel ones) and with that comes oodles of fan fiction! (Is “oodles” even a word anymore?) I’m terribly infected with the fan fic bug. Not sure if I am brave enough to actually post some of the spin off stories I’ve written, but since I have begun to push some of those writings on my friends and family, I suppose the words don’t want to stay put and must come out.

Here’s a massive snow mountain that is dominating my office’s parking lot. It’s half as tall as the electric line poles!

massive pile of snow

What has everyone else been up to this winter? Think spring!