Hello anyone out there,

November is approaching, in a couple of days. Why do I care? I am going to sign up for the NaNoWriMo challenge this year. Yes, it’s National Novel Writing month in November. It’s time for me to stop ruminating ideas and start writing again. I aim to finish the challenge of 50,000 words, of course, but if I do not, at least this will be a personal exercise in writing and I could gain some valuable experience and support along the way. There’s no possibility of wining if I do not even try.

This will be my first attempt at the NaNoWriMo challenge. Last year I made other, practical excuses and talked myself out of it, and the year before that I imagined college classes would interfere with my writing progress. Now it is time to jump in with both feet.

Marissa Meyer (author of the YA series “Cinder”) took this challenge, according to an article I read on Bustle. How Do You Win NaNoWriMo?  Alongside Meyer, Sara Gruen’s cumulative November NaNo challenges ended up becoming “Water for Elephants”.  Why do I care? If real authors (and by that I mean published authors), are taking this challenge to improve themselves, to have fun, or for whatever other reasons they have, then I want to join the community. And I want to be a part of this daunting challenge, encouraging others, gaining knowledge, and hashing through the creative process.

I will update with more details. Until then, write on!



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